Why Buy Electric Bikes From Us?

Make the most of your Environment

If you are looking for adventure on an cool and funky Fat e bike, need to make a quick commute or live quite far from your place of work or study, then a Blade electric bike is your answer.

Our team are passionate and dedicated to provide the best experience you can have. We provide complete technical back up and also Melbourne’s best service and maintenance plan at a fabulous cost.

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Shipping Policy and Estimated Delivery Time

Blade will guarantee shipment of all ex stock bikes within 4 working days

All Costs shown are in AUD

Refunds and Returns Policy

If any of the products you purchase are faulty and do not work as expected, please contact us to arrange to have them exchanged at no cost to you, Blade do not refund money.


Warranties vary from vehicle to vehicle. Please check with Blade for more information.

After Sales Services and Repairs

Should you change any of the original configuration as supplied, remove, damage or change any of the components on any supplied Blade vehicle without prior permission, the warranty is rendered null and void. Should the vehicle not operate due to any of these factors Blade will work with the customer to rectify the situation. Blade accepts no cost for these circumstances.

Premium Fat  Bikes

Offering a wide range of Ebikes,  Blade specialise in Fat Ebikes to suit any needs, find one that suits your exact needs and budget!

All our Ebikes are built to exacting EN15194 European Standards and meet the most stringent of quality testing prior to factory shipping.

To see a full list of our products and their specifications you can visit our Ebike store here.

Why Electric Bikes?


Electric bikes are the new “it” item in Australia that can save you precious money, time and energy while improving your health, convenience and security.
They’re terrific vehicles with many great features, perfect to explore the flat landscape of Melbourne.
Ride easy, ride fun, ride fast, and ride sustainably with Blade Bikes! Drive Less, E-Bike More.

Drive less, E-Bike more!



  • Makes your journey easier, and leaves you refreshed
  • Simple and quick to charge
  • Usable even for asthma and joint pain sufferers
  • Can be used in all weather conditions (i.e. rain, wind, or heat)

There’s no need to be an expert or an athlete to ride electric bikes !

Simple to use and charge, it gives the expression “as easy as riding a bike” new significance.

Even sufferers of asthma or joint pain, who may not be able to ride traditional bikes, can easily ride their electric bikes with friends and family.

They also make riding in strong winds, uphill, the rain, or uncomfortable heat more tolerable.

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  • Great way to explore and enjoy the environment
  • Growing in popularity Contemporary city vehicle for the modern era
  • Discover an exciting community of avid electric bike enthusiasts

Electric bikes are a great way to experience the outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy the environment!


They’re the modern tool of the future, soaring in popularity year after year.


Cycling is a great opportunity to meet new people and engage with an active community of enthusiasts.



  •  Ride over long distances with ease and speed
  • Reach speeds of up to 25km/h
  • Cover distances over 100kms with a single charge
  • Avoid congested traffic and public transport delays

Using the very latest technology and innovative engineering, our electric bikes are well-suited for the digital age!


Designed to be fast and last long distances, an ebike will take you wherever you want to go.


The motors and batteries in our models are the very latest of their kind and offer the best value for money you can find.

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  •   Affordable and easy to maintain and keep secure
  • Avoid the expenses of driving a car or using public transport
  • No negative impact on the environment

Many people assume electric bikes are exorbitantly priced compared to traditional bikes and not worth the expense.


Think again!


There’s no need for a licence, no registration costs, and their safety features make them less of an insurance risk.


Their real cost-saving potential is clear when you compare the minimal cost of charging your electric bike with the high cost of fuel for motorised bikes and cars.


Not only do electric bikes help you avoid parking fees, tolls, or public transport fares, they also reduce the number of cars on the road, making a positive impact towards our natural environment.


Why Drive! Ride Electric!


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