Urban by Blade



The URBAN by Blade is a graceful vehicle providing improved power and distance! This bike is a leader in its class and is regarded as the best commuter bike for under $3000.00 The URBAN has a fantastic ride position and the unisex step-through frame provides a safe means to get on and off.

The throttle is set to 6 km/ph allowing you to get started, get your balance and then pedal with comfort and confidence. You can rely on the URBAN to get you home without you having to put too much effort if you don’t want to.

The URBAN comes with a basket or optional pannier bags. Plus, the 13AH battery gives you the extra power and range you need. Now fitted with front Suspension giving a much smoother, more comfortable experience. The URBAN by Blade provides up to 70 Kms of pure  riding Joy.


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