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The Colt, The XT & Brumby

Practical makes sense in our current situation.

More than ever an adventure on a cool and funky Fat e-bike seems so practical. If you need to make a quick commute or live quite far from your place of work or study, the journey on an electric bike covers exercise, cost and peace of mind.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to providing the best experience you can have. Beginning with an undercover, completely safe test ride at our Melbourne facility. We provide masks, gloves and antiseptic cleaning before you jump on. Come and see us anytime. Book online to beat the crowd.


All Costs shown are in AUD

Shipping Policy and Estimated Delivery Time

Blade Bike will guarantee the shipment of all ex stock bikes within 4 working days

Refunds and Returns Policy

If any of the products you purchase are faulty and do not work as expected, please contact us to arrange to have them exchanged at no cost to you.


Warranties vary from vehicle to vehicle. Please check with Blade Bikes for more information.

After Sales Services and Repairs

Should you change any of the original configurations as supplied, remove, damage or change any of the components on any supplied Blade vehicle without prior permission, the warranty is rendered null and void. Should the vehicle not operate due to any of these factors Blade will work with the customer to rectify the situation. Blade accepts no cost for these circumstances.