Not sure which electric bike you should buy? We’re here to make that decision as straightforward as possible! Electric bike riders and enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes and ages. No matter if you’re a teenager, senior or somewhere in between, electric bikes have something unique and special to offer.

Whether it’s valued for its practical assistance, its innovative use of modern technology or its slick design, all our customers can agree with being immensely satisfied with their purchase.

All you need to do is consider a few simple questions and you’re well on your way to finding the perfect match!

Why Are You Buying An E-Bike?


Looking to reduce the impact of cars on our roads? Electric bikes are the perfect way to shrink your carbon footprint. All our e-bikes will keep your environmental conscience at peace!

Health, Fitness & Enjoyment

For general leisure and enjoyment, you can’t go past the KII or the Colt.

Save Transport Money

The KII folding e-bike saves you in more ways than one! Not only will you save money on the daily commute by reducing the cost of car fuel, but this light, foldable model is a real space-saver! Take it camping or 4WD without sacrificing valuable space!

Where Will You Primarily Be Riding Your E-Bike?

Roads & Flat Terrian

If you’re looking to hit the beach or cross country on the trails and still need to use the roads, you need the ultimate all-terrain vehicle! These are our picks, the Blade KII and Blade Colt.


Maybe you’re looking to escape the city and get off the road? Then the Blade XT Cruiser hybrid bike is ideal!

Bike Trails

Keen to hit one of the hundreds of bike trails across Melbourne? Our top picks for commuter riding and weekend rides are Blade Colt and Blade KII.

How Far Will You Be Travelling On Your E-Bike?


For the work commute, depending on your range requirements you can’t go past Blade KII, Blade Brumby and Blade XT Cruiser.

These E-Bikes are perfect for the daily commute along roads, trails, and the footpath. Imagine turning up fresh to work, even after a 20km ride!


Did you know that there are almost 2000kms of bike trails across Melbourne?

If you’re seeking a thrill on one of the hundreds of bike paths, we recommend all bike models (up to 100km).


Even tricky terrain like sand or snow is no match for the KII by Blade (up to 60km) and the Brumby by Blade (up to 120km).